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With generous sponsorship from the University at Buffalo Music Library, Wooden Cities was able to produce (Re)Constructions, the Inaugural Muriel Wolf and Albert Steger Endowment Concert. The endowment was provided by the estate of Muriel Hebert Wolf and Albert Steger. It was their wish that the funds be used to produce concerts of music from Buffalo, and Wooden Cities' program consisted entirely of works from several generations of Buffalo-based composers, including four world premieres. The concert included reconstructions of rarely-performed works from the city's rich history of new music, including Lejaren Hiller's theatrical happening, An Avalanche.

Wooden Cities
Press Release
promotional document, contains a description of the event and its planning
Concert Flyer
promotional flyer
Concert Program
full listing of every work, with detailed program notes
Reconstructing An Avalance
document detailing the process of reconstructing this difficult, rarely-performed work
by Ethan Hayden, Brendan Fitzgerald, and Megan Kyle
An Avalanche staging score: a diagram of all the work's theatrical elements, meant to facilitate rehearsals (created by Ethan Hayden)
Concert Video
video of selected works
filmed by Christopher Jacobs, edited by Ethan Hayden.